Spotty Rooster Wall Hanging Kit
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It’s morning on the farm! Eager and on task for the early wake-up call, Spotty Rooster is joined by two baby chicks – one still pushing out of its shell! A third chick, oblivious to what is going on around the farm, fortifies for the day with a breakfast of corn kernels. This seen is surrounded by A floral border.

The finished size of this wall hanging quilt kit is 13”x 15”. The colors are rust, green, red, gold, brown, and beige.

The Spotty Rooster Wall Quilt Kit includes:

  • wool felt for applique.
  • all fabrics (100% cotton).
  • batting
  • buttons
  • embroidery floss.
  • patterns
  • illustrated instructions.
Rachel's of Greenfield

Spotty Rooster Wall Hanging Kit

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