Sleigh Bells & Snowflakes Jar Candle
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Sleigh Bells & Snowflakes soy candles carry you away to a snowy day full of cold wisps of air outside and oven baked sugar cookies cooling on a table inside. A combination of a bracing peppermint and a warm, sweet vanilla bakery dough, Sleigh Bells & Snowflakes is a snow day spent at home all snuggled in out of the wind.

The Sleigh Bells & Snowflakes Soy Candle comes to you in a classic 14 oz mason jar with a unique black metal lid. The estimated burn time for this candle is 80 hours. The signature Kraft paper label will allow the candle to be just as decorative as it is useful in your home. Each hand poured soy wax candle is made with pride in the United States. They are clean burning, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic, making it safe to be used in any room throughout your house.  


Sleigh Bells & Snowflakes Jar Candle

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