Short Berry Red Pillar Candle
Short Berry Red Pillar Candle
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At Barrick Design Candles, they create unique artisan candles to add a modern, contemporary touch to any room. They pride themselves on creating exquisite candles with a stylish yet functional design orientation. Their unscented candles are ideal for celebrations, holidays, and everyday use.

For 50 years, Barrick Design Candles have been proudly crafting simplistic and elegant candles. Handcrafted in their Lancaster studio, their candles add a touch of elegance to any room. Barrick Design Candles are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, which makes them ideal gifts for a myriad of occasions. They are wonderful as decorative accents in any interior whether contemporary or more traditional. They make candles in over 30 color groups with several shades of most colors so that people can find a color that enhances their space. Moreover, their candles have a distinct crackle pattern, ensuring that they look phenomenal in various room styles.

Barrick Design Candles burn beautifully. They are meant to be used and enjoyed. Be sure to use the candles on a sturdy and fireproof surface. You can use a candleholder to elevate the candles or simply place them on a fireproof surface such as stone, glass or ceramic. Barrick Candles are very resistant to dripping when kept free from drafts. However, this does not mean that they will never drip. Use a holder or plate to catch any possible drip. Barrick Design Candles has developed a blend of very high-grade paraffin waxes.  They stand up to relatively high temperatures without slumping, they burn cleanly and for a very long time. The wicks they use are cotton and natural fibers without any metal. They select their size and type for optimal burning.

Please note: Barrick Design Candles are custom made for every order. While the colors will be close to the pictures shown, they will not be an exact match. Candles are sold individually.


Short Berry Red Pillar Candle

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