Pretzel Friends Mug
Pretzel Friends Mug
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If food could talk, who would their best friend be? Who doesn't enjoy snackin' and relaxin' while lounging around in clothing featuring your favorite treats? Let the pajama party begin, only the best memories are made together!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 18 fl. oz. mug, packaged securely in a plain box, is made from stoneware.
  • HOUSE DESIGN: "Late Night Snacks" logo is printed on the back of the mug while "We're A Little Twisted That's What Makes Us Perfect Friends" text and accompanying pretzel icons are printed on the front of the mug.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dishwasher safe, although washing by hand is recommended to best preserve decals. Microwave safe.
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Pretzel Friends Mug

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