Lavender & Lemon Palm Wax Candle
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For Welsh Mountain's unique and gorgeous palm wax candles, they use cold-pressed, Non GMO, food-grade palm wax from the fruit of the palm tree which is a self-sustaining, renewable resource. These beautiful palm wax candles have a lovely crystallized pattern that reflects the light of the flame, creating a unique and pleasing glow as the candle burns. Palm wax does not emit toxins or chemicals as it burns. It’s free from petroleum and 100% phthalate-free. They hand pour all of their palm wax candles in small batches for a truly, custom-crafted feel and one of a kind product. Just choose your favorite scent and enjoy! 

The beautiful tranquil fragrance of French lavender plus a zesty citrus lemon and vanilla scent are paired to produce this luxurious candle, a lavender lover’s dream.

Welsh Mountain Candle Co

Lavender & Lemon Palm Wax Candle

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