Dream Big Fragrance Sachet
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Dream Big embodies an inspirational spirit layering revitalizing mint and dewy melon over zesty lemon. A bouquet of powdery violets and white freesias seal the fragrance in a floral bliss. Place your sachet in a closet, under the seat in your car, under your sink, or anywhere else you'd like a touch of fragrance. Sachets should maintain fragrance for up to 9 months from manufacture date.

Fresh Scents by Willow Brook scented sachets contain essential oils, are printed on 30% recycled paper and are 100% biodegradable, making them perfect for cars, closets, gift baskets, vacuum cleaners, bathrooms, trash cans or just about anywhere. There are certain surfaces sachets should not come in contact with, take care to read the warning on the back of the envelope before using your sachet.


Dream Big Fragrance Sachet

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