Coconut Cabana Wax Melts
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Wax melts the Welsh Mountain Candle way. They use the same high-quality fragrances as in their candles. Wax melts are a great way to try new scents without the flame, just drop into your wax melter and enjoy! Each melt has 6 cubes and is approx. 3 oz., No dyes or color is added, all wax melts are white or off-white

This Luscious, sunny candle scent perfectly captures the essence of a tropical seaside cabana with the warm fragrance of creamy cocoa butter and coconut lotion, plus the freshness of an ocean breeze produced with top notes of coconut and lemon followed by mid notes of bamboo leaves & underlined by oak moss, white musk & cocoa butter.

Welsh Mountain Candle Co

Coconut Cabana Wax Melts

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